The Shire is running a trial to help community groups:

  • improve energy efficiency in buildings they operate
  • reduce operating costs
  • encourage the uptake of renewable energy and
  • lower their carbon footprint.

To help community groups improve energy efficiency in the buildings they operate and encourage the uptake of solar energy the Shire is trialling a co-funding agreement. A trial group of community organisations that lease Shire-owned buildings have entered a new co-funding agreement.

How does it work?

The trial uses a new co-funding agreement developed by the Shire.

  • The Shire pays for the upfront costs of energy upgrades to the building. This includes all installation, monitoring and maintenance charges.
  • The community group repays part of these costs each year. Repayments are based on the predicted financial savings from reducing energy costs.

For example: if energy savings will result in reduced costs of $1000, the Shire may invoice $800 per year until the upfront cost is repaid. Once the cost has been fully repaid the community organisation will enjoy 100% of the financial savings from the upgrade.

What is being achieved?

In Stage 1 of the trial, three community organisations entered co-funding agreements.

Solar energy is now installed at:

  • Dromana Bowls Club (7kW)
  • Flinders Kindergarten (3kW),
  • Bentons Square Community Centre (30kW).

The trial was designed so that any suitable energy-saving measures could be used. Solar energy was found to be the most cost-effective energy efficiency measure at these facilities. The Shire would like to thank these community groups for their cooperation.

What are the next steps?

If successful, the Shire will look to offer this opportunity to all community groups operating in Shire-owned buildings.

Further information

This project is another step towards reaching our Climate Emergency Plan’s peak goal of net zero emissions across the Peninsula by 2040.

You can learn more about what we are doing to address Climate Change here.