What we are asking

Help us elevate the Mornington Peninsula’s reputation as an arts and culture destination.

We have carried out initial scoping – we now need $500,000 to deliver:

  • A feasibility study for a new performing arts theatre
  • modelling for creative arts precincts across the Peninsula

What makes this unique

The Mornington Peninsula is a community intensely engaged with the creative arts.

We have the 4th highest participation rate in arts and culture in Victoria:

  • 88% of residents regularly attend cultural venues or events
  • 44% of residents are actively involved in creative activities themselves

Despite being home to a remarkably productive and vibrant arts and culture sector, the Peninsula lacks the infrastructure and facilities to showcase and grow this vital part of our economy.

We have a strong creative community: •

  • More than 30 dance schools, 23 historical groups, 20 community choirs, 10 amateur theatre groups, 54 schools, 350 stakeholder community groups/ organisations, and hundreds of artists.

Lack of facilities is holding us back:

  • Benchmarking shows we are significantly underserviced when compared to municipalities with similar populations, with only one Council-run dedicated arts space (MPRG).
  • We are unable to capitalise on the Peninsula’s growing reputation as an arts and culture destination without additional creative space dedicated to the arts.
  • It’s what our community wants – More than 1000 local residents provided input to our Arts and Culture Plan, their key asks included:
  • More dedicated arts and cultural spaces, including a performing arts centre
  • Greater support for creatives and creative industries
  • More arts and culture experiences and activities across the Peninsula
  • Better promotion of our Aboriginal arts and culture.

It will help our community bounce back from COVID-19:

  • The arts sector was one of the hardest hit by COVID-19 restrictions. This project will support the sector’s recovery and enable it to grow.
  • This project will boost tourism by increasing year-round visitation across the Peninsula.

Mornington Peninsula Shire’s Arts and Culture Plan 2020-2024 revealed:

  • More than 923 local businesses and non-profit organisations are active in the creative and cultural industries
  • More than 3.4% of the region’s workforce are engaged in the sector
  • Our arts sector plays a significant role in attracting more than 7 million domestic and international visitors to the region each year
  • There is significant untapped commercial potential that could position the Peninsula as a leading destination for the Arts in Victoria.
  • There are significant health and wellbeing benefits that spring from the arts and culture sector

The contribution of a creative economy in improving cultural diversity, social inclusion, environmental sustainability, and technological advancement is well-recognised by both the Australian and Victorian Governments.

The Australia Council for the Arts Corporate Plan 2019 – 2023 and the Victorian Government’s Victoria’s Creative State 2016 – 2020 both focus on the importance of the creative/cultural industry in enriching our society and the economy and articulate strategies to build capability and conditions for growth.

Both governments acknowledge the continuing effects of COVID-19 on the cultural and creative sector and look to provide targeted support for the cultural and creative sector recovery.

Our Council and Wellbeing Plan 2021-2025, which reflects the goals and aspirations of our Community Vision, identifies arts and culture as a key enabler.

  • Strategic Objective 2.4 calls for a diverse economy, with green and renewable opportunities, encouraging entrepreneurship, investment, and innovation.
  • Action 2.4.2. is to investigate and develop a Performing Arts and Cultural Precinct with a specific focus on a performing arts centre, advocating for funding opportunities.
  • Strategic Objective 3.4 calls for a community with vibrant arts, culture, sport, and recreational opportunities that foster connections and participation across generations, backgrounds, and abilities.
  • Action 3.4.2. implements the Shire’s Arts and Culture Plan, creating an environment in which the arts thrive.