The Briars Master Plan realises our community’s vision for the site. The Plan focusses on protecting, enhancing and celebrating the natural, cultural and heritage beauty of the Briars. What is already loved by our community will remain and we will bring in some new, carefully considered experiences allowing more people to enjoy this special place.

We're replanting some of the broad acres with indigenous plants, extending the walking trails and reintroducing locally extinct and endangered animals to the Wildlife Sanctuary.

Two children's gardens will connect children to nature through exploration and play. The Tichin-Gorourke Children's Garden will celebrate the site’s original name (Tichin-Gorourke is the Boon Wurrung word for voice of many frogs) and focus on wetlands and frogs.

The restoration of the heritage precinct will bring the homestead back to life, including the return of the Dame Mabel Brookes Napoleonic Collection. The homestead is one of the oldest European homes on the Peninsula, with the first section built in the 1850s. Visitors will be transported back to when the Balcombe family lived here and discover their link to Napoleon.

EOI proposals are non-binding.