Budget 2021 - 2022

Watch the Open Council Briefing - 2021/22 Budget Wrap Up Session - 8 June 2021.

Submissions for the Proposed Budget 2020/21 are now closed.

Download: 2021-22 Proposed Budget
Download: Draft 2021-22 Revenue and Rating Plan

The Proposed Budget includes changes to some elements of the Rating Strategy, the Vacant Residential Land differential rate is increased to 140 per cent and the Waste Service Charge is increased by $16 to $338.

The draft Revenue and Rating Plan is a new requirement under the new Local Government Act.

The Proposed 2021–22 Capital Works Budget is $37,628,200. Some big-ticket items include:

  • $4.0m: Safer Local Roads works
  • $2.4m: Community Facilities renewal works
  • $1.9m: Footpath renewal program
  • $1.6m: Flinders Civic Hall redevelopment
  • $1.6m: Narambi Reserve Junior Oval
  • $1.1m: Balnarring Recreative Reserve Oval Rehabilitation

The Proposed 2021–22 Priority Projects Budget is $8,254,000. Some projects include:

  • $700k: Food Organic Collection
  • $252k: Carbon Neutrality
  • $225k: Mornington Peninsula Open Space Strategy
  • $200k: Arts and Culture Plan
  • $175k: Mornington Peninsula Coastal Strategy

$10.2m is included in the above Capital Works and Priority Project budgets for COVID-19 recovery actions. To see the full list of projects, see ‘appendix D’ in the Proposed Budget document.

COVID-19 Recovery actions in the proposed budget

The COVID-19 pandemic made 2020 an extremely challenging time for many in our community. Since the pandemic was declared in March 2020, we have worked to reshape public spaces and services to accommodate people safely, while also prioritising the most vulnerable in our community. Urgent priority actions will be funded through the 2021–22 Budget and contribute to the lasting resilience and renewal of the Peninsula with more medium and long-term planning to continue throughout 2021

Download: Recovery Actions within the Proposed 2021-22 Council Budget