We need your help to consider priorities and ideas for Budget planning. Together we can reach our vision of a healthy, connected Shire.

Win a $100 Best Bites Budget voucher!

Planning a yearly budget can be hungry work, so we’ve come up with a great solution. Help us with our Budget 2023-24 planning and we’ll feed you!

By participating in our 2023 - 24 Budget, you have the chance to win a $100 food/beverage/dining voucher from one of our local Best Bites award winners.

Best Bites is a Mornington Peninsula Shire initiative celebrating our most outstanding local food businesses in the areas of food safety, healthy eating, sustainability, reduction of tobacco/alcohol and access and inclusion.

If you’re one of our lucky weekly winners, you can nominate to receive a voucher from one of the following 2022 Best Bites winners:

  • Two to Tango Café
  • Commonfolk Coffee Company
  • Blue Mini
  • Unica Cucina E Caffé
  • Foxeys Hangout
  • The Kitchen
  • Spudalicious
  • The Hive Loukamedes
  • La Casa Nostra Deli
  • Be Fit Food
  • The Hidden Kitchen
  • Paradigm Hill
  • Via Battisti
  • Mock Red Hill

There’re ten $100 vouchers to be won!

All those who have already contributed to this year’s Budget and new participants will go into a weekly draw to win.

If your name is chosen, we’ll be in touch via email to arrange your chosen voucher. Easy and delicious!

There are three ways to share your ideas and priorities.

You can:

  1. Allocate points to areas that are important to you
    Review the 14 themes below and allocate points to areas that matter to you. Should roads maintenance take priority or do playgrounds need more attention? You can spend all your points in one area or split among different areas - the choice is yours.

  2. Prioritise our existing spending
    Use our service prioritisation tool to see how every $1000 of the budget is currently allocated to services. You can use it to increase or decrease the allocation to suit your preferences/needs.

  3. Submit your specific project/ideas
    Is there a specific project you want funding or area in mind (new footpath location for example)?
    Make a written submission under the Tell us your ideas’ heading.

Your input will be help guide funding allocations for Council budgets and long-term planning.

All feedback will be presented to Council for review, ensuring every voice is heard.