Planning Scheme Amendment C232morn proposes to introduce a Local Planning Policy into the Mornington Peninsula Planning Scheme to provide guidance for Environmentally Sustainable Development (ESD). The purpose of the Policy is to ensure that development on the Mornington Peninsula achieves best practice in environmental sustainability, from the design stage through to construction and operation.

Land Affected by the Amendment

The amendment applies to all land within the Mornington Peninsula Shire.

Why is the Amendment required ?

Mornington Peninsula Shire is committed to creating an environmentally sustainable Shire. Critical to achieving this commitment is for development to incorporate appropriate environmentally sustainable design standards. This policy aims to integrate environmental sustainability principles into land-use planning, new developments and redevelopment of existing infrastructure.

Where can I view the Amendment Documentation

You can read about proposed Amendment C232morn and view the draft documentation in the minutes and attachments of Council’s 16th March 2021 Planning Services Committee (PSC) meeting.

When will Exhibition commence ?

Following a resolution at Council’s 9 March 2021 PSC meeting, exhibition of proposed Amendment C232morn has been deferred until November 2021, pending implementation of the Victorian’ Government’s proposed new state-wide ESD Planning Framework. The new framework will introduce policy and provisions to all Victorian Planning Schemes that may mean Council’s proposed local ESD policy is no longer required or may need to be updated.

Once the new framework is in place, Council will review proposed Amendment C232morn. If the Amendment is still needed, it will be updated to satisfy the Planning Minister’s conditions of authorisation before exhibition can commence. The Minister’s conditions include that the proposed Local Policy not apply to single dwellings or small-scale non-residential development (i.e. development less than 100 square metres in size).

Next Steps

Provided Amendment C232morn remains relevant, exhibition will commence in November 2021. Council will notify the community before exhibition starts.