A new 250-lot residential development is proposed for land at 170 Boundary Road and 62 Collins Road in Dromana. To facilitate this development, changes are required to the Mornington Peninsula Planning Scheme a planning permit is also required to subdivide the land, remove vegetation and carry out works.

A combined planning scheme amendment and planning permit application process is proposed to achieve this outcome. This is known as Amendment C249morn and Planning Permit P20/2355.

Amendment C249morn proposes several changes to existing zoning and overlay controls affecting the land, including:

  • rezoning the land from Low Density Residential Zone (LDRZ) to the Neighbourhood Residential Zone and applying new Schedule 38 (NRZ38),
  • rezoning Boundary Road from LDRZ to Road Zone Category 2 (RDZ2),
  • rezoning the extent of Collins Road adjacent to the land from LDRZ to NRZ38,
  • replacing the existing Design and Development Overlay – Schedule 6 (DDO6) on the land and adjacent Boundary and Collins Roads with new Schedule 62 (DDO62), and
  • removing Environmental Significance Overlay – Schedule 17 (ESO17) and Schedule 28 (ESO28) from the land

Planning permit P20/2355 proposes to subdivide the land into 250 residential lots, create a new 6.99 hectare conservation area to protect existing high-value native vegetation, provide additional areas of public open space and construct associated infrastructure.

170 Boundary Road and 62 Collins Road, Dromana

The properties contain about 26 hectares of vacant land which is currently zoned Low Density Residential (LDRZ). Both properties are surrounded by residential or Green Wedge land, with some industrially zoned land to the north and conservation land to the south of Boundary Road.

It is proposed to develop the properties for more housing because these sites are:

The proposed subdivision would create new housing lots averaging 494m2 in size, with a minimum lot size of 450m2 and maximum of 1,525m2.

Providing more and varied housing on this land will help address local housing needs on existing urban land within the Urban Growth Boundary without detriment to Dromana’s established residential and rural areas.

The proposal will help improve the environment by:

  • addressing substantial weed infestation that is currently threatening existing native vegetation on the properties,
  • creating a 6.99-hectare conservation reserve to protect highly valued native vegetation and habitat,
  • ensuring the new conservation reserve is properly managed with funding from the proponent under a 10-year management plan, before handing the reserve over to Council, and
  • creating a landscape reserve along the periphery of the site.

As part of this development, the proponent will:

  • help build a footpath between the two properties and the existing Boundary Road commercial area to the west
  • contribute no less than $2 million towards providing affordable housing within the Mornington Peninsula Shire.

Next Steps

Council has sought authorisation from the Minister for Planning to prepare Amendment C249morn and Planning Permit P20/2355.

  • If authorised, the amendment and permit will be placed on public exhibition.
  • During exhibition, anyone can view documents free of charge and lodge a submission for Council’s consideration.
  • Details of exhibition and how to make a submission will be released following authorisation.
  • Any written ‘submissions’ received prior to exhibition occurring are not formal and won’t count as a submission to Amendment C249morn and Planning Permit P20/2355