The planning scheme amendment (the amendment) and planning permit application affects 275 Main Street, Mornington.


Aerial image of Alexandra Park

The two existing pavilions (pictured below) at Alexandra Park have been assessed as being no longer fit for purpose and an upgrade of the pavilions is needed to meet the facility requirements of all sporting user groups based at Alexandra Park. Furthermore, the current first floor social rooms and viewing area constrain accessibility to many user groups as they are only accessible by outdoor narrow stairs. The current pavilions access is also not consistent with the Disability Discrimination Act, 1992 (DDA) or best practice design such as Universal Design Principles.


Existing pavilions at Alexandra Park

The two storey Alexandra Park Pavilion redevelopment provides an opportunity to co-locate (among other uses) sports and orthopaedic specialist consultation (consultant suites) described as a ‘medical centre’ use and rehabilitation space as part of the redeveloped pavilion. It is proposed that these services be provided by the Bays Healthcare Group (owner of the Bays Hospital located to the east of Alexandra Park on the opposite side of Main Street).

Under the planning scheme a ‘medical centre’ use is only permitted in the pavilion if it is run by or on behalf of Council, or an Incorporated Plan allows for the use. A planning scheme amendment is required to enable the ‘medical centre’ use given it will be run by the Bays Healthcare Group, not Council and a planning permit is required for the redevelopment of the pavilion and car parking.

Because the redevelopment of the Pavilions requires both a planning scheme amendment and a planning permit, a combined planning scheme amendment and planning permit process is being undertaken (pursuant to Section 96A of the Planning and Environment Act 1987).

In summary:

  • Planning Scheme Amendment C263morn would enable the use and development of the medical centre use.
  • Planning Permit Application CP19/001 would enable the development of the pavilion, car park and associated works.

The planning scheme amendment proposes to include an Incorporated Plan into the Mornington Peninsula Planning Scheme to enable the use and development of a ‘medical centre’ which is not to be conducted by or on behalf of Council and is otherwise a prohibited use within the current Public Park and Recreation Zone (PPRZ). The Amendment formally:

• Amends the schedule to Clause 36.02 of the Public Park and Recreation Zone Schedule by introducing the Alexandra Park Pavilion Redevelopment (275 Main Street, Mornington), Incorporated Plan, September 2020; and

• Amends the schedule to Clause 72.04 by inserting Alexandra Park Pavilion Redevelopment (275 Main Street, Mornington), Incorporated Plan, September 2020 into the list of documents incorporated into the Mornington Peninsula Planning Scheme.

The planning permit application is for a permit for the development of the land for the purposes of a sports pavilion and associated works

If the amendment and planning permit is approved, the existing two pavilions will be demolished and replaced with a double storey pavilion which is generally to be contained to the footprint of the two existing pavilions.

The below context plan identifies the location of the proposed pavilion whilst the elevation plans demonstrate how the building will look

The existing netball shed and toilet block will also be demolished. All existing vegetation is to be retained. Within the redeveloped pavilion, the following facilities will be provided:

Ground Floor:

  • Unisex umpire’s facilities which can be divided into two separate compartments through a roller shutter door for mixed gendered use. This includes new unisex amenities in line with local AFL standards.
  • Public toilets, including disability facilities.
  • First aid room.
  • Home and away change rooms, unisex amenities, training room and property store, including disability facilities.
  • Netball, cricket and football equipment storage.
  • Rehabilitation and gymnasium area.
  • Kiosk, store and servery.
  • Administration area.
  • Lift and stair access to the first floor

Proposed ground floor plan(PDF, 695KB)

First floor:

  • Four allied health consulting suites including waiting room/reception store and tea room facilities.
  • Public toilets, including disability facilities.
  • Multi-purpose social rooms able to accommodate a maximum of 181 patrons.
  • Kitchen, store and servery area.
  • Balcony and plant area.
  • Lift and stair access to the ground floor

Proposed first floor plan(PDF, 605KB)

As per below site plan an area accommodating 20 car parking spaces and 3 bicycle parking spaces will be formalised and sealed with the remainder of the existing gravel car park to be retained as gravel and to allow access for vehicles to park around the oval.

Proposed site plan(PDF, 1MB)

A maximum of six medical practitioners will be allowed to operate from the ‘medical centre’ use (the allied health consulting suites) and the ‘medical centre’ use can only operate between the hours of Monday to Friday, 7:00am – 5:30pm, unless otherwise permitted by Council.

A change to the current sign requirements is also proposed to enable the future tenants of the ‘medical centre’ use to provide a business identification sign appropriate to their business needs whilst also considering the amenity of the surrounding area. A planning permit will be required for future business identification signage, should the amendment be approved.

You can view all documents relating to the amendment free of charge via the browse amendments C263morn. webpage on the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning's website.

Online information/Q&A session

The Mornington Peninsula Shire conducted an online information/Q&A session on Tuesday 8th December 2020 .

Viewing of Submissions

Exhibition of the amendment concluded at 5:00pm on Sunday, 20 December 2020.

You can view all submissions, which have been redacted to protect submitters’ privacy:

Independent Planning Panel

Due to COVID-19 and the associated physical distancing requirements, the Directions Hearing for combined Mornington Peninsula Planning Scheme Amendment C263morn and Planning Permit Application CP19/001 was held by video conference on Thursday 15 April 2021.

The Panel has now determined to proceed with this matter ‘on the papers’. No main Hearing will be held by video conference or in-person. The ‘on the papers’ process is expected to be completed by 26 May 2021. Parties have been contacted regarding these arrangements.

If you have any questions, please contact Planning Panels Victoria at

Where can I view Panel-related Documents ?

All panel-related documents including Council’s submission to the panel and the panel’s report can be found in the Document Library as soon as they are made available.

Next Steps

Council will consider all submissions, including the panel’s report and recommendations (which is due late June/early July 2021), and decide whether to adopt or abandon the amendment. If Council adopts the amendment, with or without changes, the amendment is then submitted to the Minister for Planning for consideration and decision.

With regard to the planning permit included with the amendment, the Minister is responsible for deciding whether a permit should be granted with or without changes and subject to conditions. There is no opportunity for review by the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal as this a combined planning scheme amendment and planning permit under Section 96A of the Planning and Environment Act 1987. If a planning permit is granted, Mornington Peninsula Shire will be the responsibility authority for the permit.

If you made a submission, we will update you on the amendment’s progress. If you did not make a submission but would like to receive notification of the amendment’s progress, please use the ‘Follow’ feature at the top of the page