We are currently developing three Coastal and Marine Management Plans (CMMPs), for marine and coastal areas at Flinders, Portsea and Mount Eliza.

Led by Victorian Government legislation (the Marine and Coastal Act 2018) and policy (Marine and Coastal Policy, 2020), each plan will guide sustainable management of these iconic and valued coastlines for years to come.

Mornington Peninsula’s varied and unique coastline and marine areas support a diverse, and at times, competing range of interests and values that rely on these environments. We need coordinated and integrated planning and management to balance the many environmental, cultural, economic and social values of these areas and their communities, particularly with changing climate conditions.

Informed by community values and experiences, these three plans will:

  • highlight what people love about these coastal and marine areas, along with current challenges and emerging concerns
  • set our vision and approach for managing the coastal and marine environments of each individual community, guided by State legislation
  • outline priority actions and projects for delivery
  • help streamline coordinated management across the Shire, other managing agencies and community groups.

The plans will also help to improve how we manage and care for our coastal and marine areas across the Shire, ensuring appropriate, effective and sustainable management, and shaping how we adapt to current and emerging challenges.

We’re at the early stages of developing the plans. This means that we are gathering an understanding of the things our community loves, what they would change and their ideas for the future of these areas.

Your feedback will be used to shape the draft plans and help us develop a vision, objectives and actions for the plans, which will be available for public comment later in the year.

A Coastal and Marine Management Plan (CMMP) sets the vision, objectives and priority actions for future management of coastal and marine areas. A CMMP helps to translate State policy into on-ground actions and must be approved by the Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change. The Plans also establish an agreement between the Victorian Government, the land manager (in our case Council) and the community as to how an area of the coast will be managed.

The existing Coastal Management Plans (CMPs) developed under the previous Coastal Management Act 1995 for Portsea, Flinders and Mount Eliza are well over 10 years old and are due for renewal. As these three locations had the oldest plans, they have been selected for renewal as part of Council’s 2021-22 Budget.

We’re at the early stages of developing CMMPs for these three locations. This means gathering an understanding of the things people love, what they would change and their ideas for the future of these areas. We’ll then be developing a vision, objectives and actions to form a draft CMMP which will be available for public comment later in the year.

The CMMPs are intended to reflect the interests of the community. This includes all those who use, care for, and rely upon our coastal and marine areas – our residents, businesses, workforce, visitors, Traditional Owners and other stakeholders. To help us make informed decisions, it's important to understand what the community loves about the coast, and where there might be concerns.

Whether you’re a resident, visitor or work in these areas, we want to hear:

  • what you love about the coast
  • what you would change
  • your ideas for the future.

Visit the webpage for each CMMP area and drop a pin on the maps, tell us more about the area, or share your favourite memory of the coast. We’ll also be holding community engagement events over the coming months, so stay tuned.

Many people and organisations are involved in the care and management of coastal and marine areas.

We’re having conversations with many of these agencies and stakeholders including different Council departments, Traditional Owners of the region, Bunurong Land Council, Parks Victoria, Melbourne Water, our community representatives in our Coastal Advisory Groups and the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP). It’s important to involve a range of stakeholders to ensure actions in the CMMP balance the wide range of, sometimes competing, interests and can be delivered in a coordinated way.