Situated to the west of Western Port Bay’s entrance, the Flinders coastal reserve stretches from West Head to the outskirts of Shoreham. This coastline encompasses sandy beaches, vegetated cliffs and several creeks, while seagrass meadows and rocky reef platforms are found just offshore. The peaceful and charming seaside town has a rich Aboriginal and European history with significant sites across the coastal zone and many heritage places surrounding the iconic Flinders Pier. The surrounding waters are recognised as sensitive and significant ecosystems, providing habitat for unique marine life, further increasing its popularity as a place to swim, snorkel, boat and fish.

Supporting a wide range of uses, values and infrastructure, the foreshore provides countless opportunities to enjoy in this beautiful setting. However, with ageing infrastructure and facilities, changing conditions and coastal hazards including cliff erosion, and increasing coastal development, there is an opportunity to improve and activate this foreshore. Sustainable and balanced management will be essential in caring for these areas into the future.

We have developed the Flinders Coastal and Marine Management Plan which will help guide our management of these areas for years to come.

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Your thoughts

In March and April 2022 we asked what you love about the Flinders coast and how we can better manage these valued areas. Your responses have helped shape the Draft Flinders CMMP.

In October 2022 to January 2023 we asked you to provide feedback on the Draft Flinders CMMP.

Adopted by Council on 16 May 2023, the Flinders CMMP is now awaiting final approval from the Minister of Environment.