Bound by Manmangur Creek in the south and Kackeraboite Creek in the north, the Mount Eliza coast is known for rugged cliffs, diverse geology and spectacular views across sandy beaches, bays and coves. With evidence of rich Aboriginal history and geological wonders, the coast remains a special place for the local community and visitors. The coastline is made up of cliffs, headlands and bays intersected by creek systems, providing habitat for many animals and plants. From peaceful clifftop walks to yachting and boating, residents and visitors enjoy the recreational and lifestyle opportunities these coastal and marine areas afford.

Including the yacht clubs and beaches of Ranelagh and Canadian Bay, along with beach boxes and bush setting of Moondah and Sunnyside beaches, these areas support a wide range of uses, values and infrastructure. However, this coast is also already facing impacts of climate change, including cliff and beach erosion hazards and growing populations will further increase the pressures on these areas. Sustainable and balanced management will be essential in caring for these areas into the future.

We have developed the Mount Eliza Coastal and Marine Management Plan (CMMP) which will help guide our management of these areas for years to come.

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In March and April 2022 we asked what you love about the Mount Eliza coast and how we can better manage these valued areas. Your responses have helped shape the Draft Mount Eliza CMMP.

In October 2022 to January 2023 we asked you to provide feedback on the Draft Mount Eliza CMMP.

Adopted by Council on 16 May 2023, the Mount Eliza CMMP is now awaiting final approval from the Minister of Environment.