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Mornington Peninsula Shire is committed to recycling! Our recycling goes to Polytrade to be sorted, baled and sent to manufacturers to be made into new products.

Contaminated recycling is a major issue here on the Peninsula. Often the items we put in the recycling bin are soiled, for example with leftover food or sometimes items cannot be recycled at all (we’re looking at you soft plastics!) It is important to clean containers properly and make sure the items we throw into the bin with the blue lid are recyclable! If we don’t do it right, we might end up contaminating the bin or truck, making our recyclables go to landfill instead of Polytrade, Mornington Peninsula’s sorting facility.

A contaminated bin or truck load not only comes at a huge cost to the environment adding to landfill, but also comes at a significant financial cost. Contaminated bins cost the Mornington Peninsula Shire and ratepayers - approximately $600,000 per year. Let’s all take recycling seriously so we can drive this number down and spend the money on other worthy projects.

A small minority of households continue to disregard recycling, significantly contaminating their bin regularly and undoing the good work of their entire street by contaminating the truck load. Significant contamination happens when hazardous items or too many incorrect items such as a bag full of rubbish or nappies have been placed in the recycling bin.

We know recycling can be confusing. Our waste education program aims to encourage households to recycle correctly. Our aim is to reduce the Peninsula’s current recycling contamination rate which is currently five percent higher than the Victorian average.

In addition to education, we also received community support to develop a Draft Waste Contamination Policy which will be essential to reducing contamination and costs. The draft Policy proposes to use a series of signals or measures against recurring household waste contamination to encourage the right mindset and behaviour. Recycling is a primary focus, but contamination also occurs in the rubbish and green bin.

Do you have extra recycling at home which can’t fit in the recycling bin? You can drop off excess household recycling at the tips (resource recovery centres) or hoppers free of charge.

Is your recycling bin constantly overflowing? You can order an extra recycling bin for a one-off fee of $65.

Not sure what can be recycled?

Check out our recycling guide at and

Read the Draft Policy

Please contact Customer Service on 5950 1000 if you wish to receive a hard copy of the survey.