What we are asking

Funding to treat a congestion and safety hot spot and upgrade a major east-west arterial route:

  • $20 million for traffic signals at the Mornington Tyabb Rd/ Racecourse Rd intersection (Mornington electorate)
  • $40 million for Department of Transport (DoT) proposed upgrades as part of the ultimate development of an east-west corridor.
    This would include:
    º improvements to Mornington Tyabb Rd to futureproof this key arterial corridor with upgrades to intersection signals and channelizing traffic works (Mornington electorate)
    º addressing Blackspot locations at key intersections on both Mornington Tyabb and Bungower roads (Mornington electorate)
    º planning and reviewing arterial classifications for the ultimate east-west corridor, linking passenger and freight movements to Peninsula Link and the Western Port region (Mornington and Hastings electorates)

What makes this unique

Traffic volumes are approaching 20,000 vehicles per day – the threshold for duplication – on sections of both Mornington Tyabb Rd and Bungower Rd.

Congestion is causing significant delays on both Mornington Tyabb Rd and Bungower Rd – and posing a safety risk to children walking to school, particularly between Racecourse Rd and the Nepean Highway.

Significant congestion and pedestrian safety concerns occur at the Mornington Tyabb Rd/ Racecourse Rd intersection.

Improvements to Mornington Tyabb and Bungower roads will establish better connections between Peninsula Link and the proposed development of the State Significant Industrial Area north of Hastings.

An upgraded link between the Port Phillip urban area and Western Port will connect our communities on both sides of the Peninsula to a greater range of employment opportunities, services and facilities.

Upgrading this crucial east-west link will also provide a safer environment for pedestrians and drivers.

The Peninsula’s population is increasing. A more effective link between the Port Phillip urban area and the Western Port region will enable residents on both sides of the Peninsula to have better access to local employment, facilities and services.

This is particularly so given the location of the State Significant Industrial Precinct and Port of Hastings, as well as current industrial rezoning proposals to the north of Hastings and Tyabb, which will provide new employment opportunities in the region.

There is a significant crash history along this east-west corridor:

  • 26 casualty crashes on Mornington Tyabb Rd between Racecourse Rd and Nepean Hwy in the last five years
  • 12 casualty crashes on two key intersections on Bungower Rd due to excessive traffic volumes

Consultation with the community in the development of the Shire’s Council and Wellbeing Plan 2021 – 2025 highlighted road safety as one of the key transport issues.

There is an urgent need to alleviate significant congestion at critical pinch points on Mornington Tyabb Rd and Bungower Rd, which cause excessive delays and driver frustration.

Upgrading the Mornington Tyabb Rd/ Racecourse Rd intersection is a priority and will alleviate congestion along Bungower Rd, with the full upgrade of Mornington Tyabb Rd providing further benefits. This will allow Bungower Rd to function better as access for the local retirement villages, schools and residential areas.

Establishing a more effective bus link between Mornington and Western Port towns would support greater access to jobs and services. Lack of accessible transport is highlighted as the number one barrier to participation and social inclusion on the Mornington Peninsula in the Shire’s Disability Inclusion Strategy 2022.

Improvements to Mornington Tyabb Rd in the Racecourse Rd precinct will increase connectivity and safety for pedestrians and cyclists between residential areas, recreational facilities and services, which are currently restricted by the lack of appropriate crossing treatments.

The key pedestrian safety risk at Mornington-Tyabb Rd/Racecourse Rd is to school children walking to/from schools in the area.

The current DoT business plan is to upgrade critical sections and intersections on Mornington Tyabb Rd between Moorooduc Highway and Nepean Highway.

The Mornington Peninsula Housing and Settlement Strategy highlights the potential for significant future population growth on the Peninsula.

Plan Melbourne and the Metropolitan Industrial and Commercial Land Use Plan indicate the location of the State Significant Industrial Precinct and associated potential future employment opportunities around Western Port. Such development requires appropriate investment in access and transport infrastructure to achieve the greatest benefits for the region.

The Southern Integrated Transport Framework SEM Final Advice 2021 highlights the need to provide flagship “trunk services” on the Peninsula with associated feeder services. While priority is given to existing north-south routes, greater east-west connections are also necessary.

Strategic Objective 3.5 of the Council and Wellbeing Plan is to ensure that the community is well connected through sustainable, accessible, and integrated transport options