Built in the 1930s, Fenton Hall requires extensive repairs for it to be used again as a community facility.

We recently engaged with the local community regarding Fenton Hall and surrounding area. The feedback will inform future direction in relation to the scope of redevelopment options for the Hall and activation activities that could be organised at the site.

Community Consultation Response Summary

41 responses were received during the consultation period.

Respondents were asked to answer a set of open-ended and closed-ended questions. Responses and key themes are outlined below:

Existing knowledge of the Hall & surrounds:

  • Over 90% of respondents had used the Hall in various activities prior to its closure in 2017,
  • Broad support for the restoration project to address the condition of the Hall with a view to make it available for community use (including toilet amenities), upgrade landscaping and site parking, and review traffic management options to improve safety.

Hall & Site Utilisation – Frequency:

  • Weekly - 54% of respondents indicated they are interested to use Fenton Hall for at least once a week,
  • Monthly - 76% of respondents indicated they would use Fenton Hall for a range of community events, gatherings or any organised leisure activities,
  • Annually - 73% of respondents want to use Fenton Hall on a yearly basis for a number of activities.

Hall & Site Utilisation – Type:

  • Most common responses regarding requested activities and activations included weekly exercise activities like yoga and stretch exercise for seniors, community BBQs, picnics, placemaking and special events such as art exhibitions, charity days, parkland and off leash dog area.

Community Volunteering & Support Opportunities:

  • Over 78% of responses indicate that community is ready to support the project either through participation in fundraising or donating time and materials.
  • Strong Interest displayed by community to initiate and contribute to the restoration project displays value of Fenton Hall and its impact on the community.

Fenton Hall building responses:

  • Over 56% of respondents suggested no changes to layout.
  • 20% of the respondents suggested compliant internal modifications in accordance with building standards.

Next Steps and recommendations

To cease further deterioration of building immediate preservation works will be completed by June 2022. These include replacing missing and severely damaged weather boards, undertake holistic termite treatment, clean the surrounding area of the building of green waste and dirt to allow water to pass by resulting in prevention of water pooling that causes foundation issues and check and repair any flashings, capping and roof sheets as necessary.

We will keep you updated with the next key tasks and opportunities for you to continue providing your feedback and ideas. Thank you again for your continued interest in the project.