Flinders Civic Hall is being redeveloped to meet current and future user needs. Thanks to all community members and stakeholders that have provided input to date.

The facility will be home to a wide variety of community groups and services including: Flinders Art Show, Flinders Arts Group, Flinders Community Association, Flinders Lions, Flinders Probus and Flinders RSL. Classes for older adult exercise, palates, Yoga classes and other activities.

The Flinders Community Hub has been designed as a complete knockdown/rebuild on the Flinders Hall’s existing site.

The rebuild approach has been identified as representing the most cost-effective and value for money outcome, given the existing facility is reaching the end of its useful life.

The design reflects feedback from the current user groups of the Flinders Hall and other community members to meet their current and future needs.

Floor Plan

Connected, accessible design

The Flinders Community Hub design includes the following components:

  • Main hall with elevated stage and designated storage area.
  • Offset area divided from the main hall using an operable wall.
  • Large terrace/porch area which can be opened to connect the offset area and the outdoor space.
  • Back stage areas with rear storage area with loading dock, unisex toilet amenity, male and female dry change areas.
  • Main entrance area with air lock main entrance.
  • There is now an opportunity for a drop in community space to be added to the hall.
  • Kitchen with dual servery (to main hall and to meeting rooms).
  • Meeting room and art room which can become a large meeting room by opening the operable wall.
  • Toilet amenities which include unisex disabled toilet.
  • All access ramps and steps to enter and within the facility and the precinct.
  • Landscape Concepts

    Integrated spaces

    The design incorporates what users want to see in the new community hub, an upgrade of the already existing elements and provide a good connection between internal and outdoor spaces.


    Clear direction

    As the projects transition into the detailed design phase, the project management and architects will ensure the approach will be guided by the following:

  • Flinders Village Centre Design Guidelines for New Development 2010
  • Flinders Village Centre Streetscape Design Framework 2011
  • Flinders Park & Cook Street Open Space - Long Term Master Plan 2015
  • Playspace Strategy 2015 – 2020
  • Western Port Coastal Villages Strategy Engagement Summary 2019.
  • Funding

    The Shire received $2.15 million towards the Flinders Civic Hall redevelopment through the State Government’s expanded Growing Suburbs Fund.

    Council allocated $200,000 to progress the design phase and will match the $2.15 million funding.

    This provides a total budget of $4.5M for this exciting development.

    Your input

    After extensive consultation with key stakeholders and the community in 2019, Council resolved to provide the Flinders community with a new and improved building to meet the current and future needs of its users.

    Thanks to everyone who has provided feedback to date, helping the Shire enhance and improve Flinders Civic Hall.