The Mornington Peninsula’s agriculture, food and beverage industry is a dynamic and thriving sector worth approximately $1.3 billion per annum. It has been identified as one of the fastest-growing industries in our local economy.

We are committed to fostering this dynamic growth and have developed a Draft Food Economy and Agroecology Strategy. The draft strategy will produce a five-year action plan to support the local agricultural economy and build business resilience through sustainable farming practices, biodiversity and minimising waste.

Since August 2020, we have undertaken extensive consultation with agriculture, food and beverage businesses and industry stakeholders. We sought their expert knowledge to help shape a draft strategy; the consultation has comprised surveys, one on one interviews, forums and peer review sessions.

The outcomes have enabled the development of a draft strategy which provides a transformational vision for the Mornington Peninsula. It considers the multiple elements that affect the agricultural industry including sustainability, climate change and ecology, and will ultimately support a long-term vision for our food and agricultural industry.

As part of the consultation process, an online information session will be held on Tuesday 5 October 2021 from 6:00pm to 8:00pm. It will introduce the draft strategy and provide an opportunity for Q&A. Please email to register your attendance interest. More details will be added here closer to the date.

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