We are updating our Policy for food and drinks trucks. The Food Truck Policy provides opportunities for temporary mobile food van vendors to add a little extra to our Peninsula by selling coffee, smoothies, food and treats in often idyllic locations.

Each year static permits for foreshore locations and roving residential permits are allocated via an expressions of interest process.

Our Food Truck Policy helps guide decisions and support the ongoing management of food trucks across the Shire.

We met with food truck vendors back in February this year and took onboard their feedback when drafting the Policy.

  • increase the length of permits from one to three years
  • set annual site fee as per our Fees and Charges Schedule
  • begin licence period on 1 May every year (permit fees must be paid in full by 1 August)
  • additional winter only permits
  • provide electricity at all sites (where possible)
  • increase residential roving permits from two to four
  • opportunity to grow current sites and introduce new sites
  • food truck vendors must demonstrate how they will benefit the local community
  • preference for local operators and local produce.

The draft Policy allows for a variety of sites and locations throughout the Shire. All sites with more than one permit are assessed on compatibility of products offered to complement each business. Current sites are listed in the draft Policy.

The draft Policy aligns with our Single-use Plastics Policy, Environment Sustainable Design Policy and Waste Contamination Policy.