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Hastings Boat Ramp Project Overview

The existing boat ramp at Hastings requires upgrading to meet best practice standards and to provide access for all tide heights. Currently during very low tides the ramp isn’t long enough to allow boats to be launched without driving the trailer off the end of the ramp, which is a risky practice.

The project will be completed on behalf of, and fully funded by, the newly created state government department – Better Boating Victoria (BBV).

The project includes replacing the existing Hastings boat ramp and providing a connecting walkway between the new boat ramp and the existing floating pontoon. The new ramp will be approximately 6m longer than the existing ramp. The access channel for the boat ramp will be dredged to accommodate the extended ramp. This will enable access to the ramp during all tide levels.

The project has been developed so the ramp can be upgraded to meet the current Australian Standards and best practice requirements to be classified as a regional boating facility under the State Government’s Recreational Facilities Framework.

Stage 1 – Boat Ramp Upgrade:

  • A new concrete boat ramp incorporating four lanes, which includes replacing the existing 32.5m facility with a 40.4m length that extends deeper into the bay allowing for all-tide access.
  • Widening of the existing concrete pontoon to allow direct access for launching and retrieving of boats and improving the functionality of the ramp, during low to medium tides.

Stage 2 – Channel Dredging:

  • To be constructed as a separate project after the ramp upgrade, following Marine and Coastal Act consent approval from the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP). Includes dredging of the existing channel out to the point where it meets the main boating channel of the Hastings Harbour (this will cover an area of approximately 3,320 sqm).

As an extension to these works, a feasibility study is currently being undertaken into the option for installing a second pontoon on the Southern side of the ramp. Some of the key factors being considered include:

  • Environmental impact.
  • How long should the pontoon be (the existing pontoon is 83m in length)?
  • Should the pontoon have single sided access or dual side access?
  • Dual sided access would require significantly more dredging and greater impact on the local environment.

Project announcement (mid-September 2020):

Following the recent buckling of the temporary formwork (cofferdam) at the Hastings Boat Ramp upgrade site, significant progress is being made.

After initial delays, works are now being advanced with a new approach allowing multiple construction activities to take place at the same time.

These activities include:

  • Removal of the buckled temporary formwork (cofferdam) - Now complete
  • Reinstallation of the temporary formwork (cofferdam) - Currently taking place with new longer sheet piles being driven into the seabed
  • Preparation works at the base of the ramp - Taking advantage of tidal movements, preparation works at the base of the ramp will be carried out during low tides while the cofferdam works continue
  • Concrete ramp construction - A pre-cast concrete facility has been set-up on location, with the immediate construction of concrete ramp panels already taking place
  • Concrete structural member construction - Concrete edge beams providing structural support for the ramp are currently being constructed at an offsite facility

With this new approach underway, the works are being completed as quickly and safely as possible to get the project on track for completion for the boating season.

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