Hastings foreshore is a much-loved area by residents and visitors. It’s used daily by people exercising, fishing, playing and socialising and is home to occasional large scale events such as concerts and festivals. The foreshore reserve stretches from the northern end of Fred Smith Reserve to southern Hastings Foreshore, and includes a playground, fitness stations and Western Port’s busiest boat ramp. The area is precious and used for many different reasons, although there is also room to bring new ideas to life.

We’re starting work on a Master Plan for Hastings foreshore. In this Plan we will explore the opportunities available to the area, but we need your input!

We know there are some challenges we need to deal with, such as the Fred Smith Reserve being used as landfill in the 1970s and 80s. Additionally, the foreshore is a low lying coastal area, and much of it could flood during bad storms and king tides, making it vulnerable to coastal hazards such as rising sea levels and erosion. We need to handle these areas carefully.

What do you love about this area and what would you like to change? Do you picture playgrounds and exercising stations? Boardwalks and more planting? Open space for events and markets? Share how you would like to see the area used, what you love about the area, your favourite memory and your dreams for the future.

Coastal and marine management must be in accordance with the Marine and Coastal Act 2018 and is guided by the Marine and Coastal Policy (2020) and Strategy (currently draft 2021).

Your thoughts

We asked you to drop a pin on the map to share:

  • what you love about this area
  • what you would like to see change
  • any other comments