We invited community feedback in 2021 on our approach to planning and managing water through climate change and population growth.

With 70 per cent green wedge land and 192 km of coastline, water and land management plays an important role for our community, economy and environment.

Our Integrated Water Management Plan shapes how we will secure our water future through:

  • Making recycled water and stormwater accessible to irrigate and drought-proof green open spaces.
  • Protecting the health of our waterways, wetlands and bays.
  • Reducing flood risks through rainwater and stormwater harvesting.
  • Increasing sewerage connections and improving septic management for a healthier environment.
  • Connecting people with waterways, wetlands and green spaces.
  • Using recycled water in agriculture to support food security and economic prosperity.

The Plan brings together the Shire, collaborative partners and our communities in overcoming current and future challenges in line with local and State Government directions.