Food waste caddy and liners

We are providing food waste caddies and biodegradable caddy-liners free of charge.

  • Food caddies can be ordered through our webpage under 'Kitchen caddy and liners'
    To collect your caddy and liners, simply pop into a Shire office once you receive your email confirmation.
  • Every six months free liners can be picked up from the Mornington, Rosebud or Hastings customer service centres.
    It is important that you dispose of food scraps in the liners we provide, and not any other type.

Why are we introducing this service?

On average, Victorian households throw out $2,200 worth of food each year. Food waste makes up 45.5 per cent of our rubbish bins. When food and other organic waste is sent to landfill it creates methane, a greenhouse gas 25 times more potent than carbon dioxide!

From July 2021, residents with a green waste bin will be able to add all their food waste into their green waste bins. Green waste bins will be collected as normal, fortnightly on your bin day.

Food waste disposed of in our green waste bins will be turned into commercial-grade compost that can replace fertilisers and provide valuable nutrients for our farms. By keeping food waste out of landfill, we’ll be helping reach our zero waste target and reduce our impact on climate change.

If you have a green bin already you are automatically eligible to participate in the program.

Can I use my own caddy?

Yes. Any container can be used to collect your food waste.

Do I have to use liners?

No. Caddies can be used without liners, or newspaper can be used instead of liners.

Will all residents be given a green waste bin?

Food waste collection will be introduced in two stages.

The first stage is for residents with a green waste bin.

The second stage will commence from July 2022 with a review of stage 1. If contamination rates are low, residents will be asked if all households should receive a green waste bin and if the food and garden collection should change to a weekly collection.

Residents living within the Mornington Peninsula's urban area can sign up to a green waste bin for $135 per financial year.

Have your property number ready before you order.

If the property is owned by a company and if you are not listed as a director, you must complete a company authority form before placing your order.

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Food waste collection on the Mornington Peninsula