We are reviewing our library book delivery services and seek your input to help us shape the next phase of book delivery and related services.

Due to the State Government’s coronavirus restrictions, the mobile library has not been in use since March 2020. Instead, we have put in place a new ‘click and deliver’ service that allows library users to either call or go online to choose items to be hand-delivered to their door, free of charge.

It has been been extremely popular and within the first three weeks of its introduction, 1,729 homes received deliveries across the Mornington Peninsula. We’ve received exceptional feedback on this service and it has prompted us to take a fresh look at how we can best deliver library services to our residents.

We undertook a survey to get your thoughts about the ‘click and deliver’ and mobile library services to determine which suits our community needs better. The results of this survey will help us understand community sentiment in relation to your library services and ensure that we are responsive to your needs, and of the community.

Comparison between 'Mobile Library' and 'Click and Deliver'

We aim to deliver a library service that is sustainable, meets community needs, and future-forward looking. To do that, we consider the factors listed in the table below for assessment.

Factor Mobile Library Click and Deliver
Annual Costs Vehicle and trailer hire, land park costs, driver and others Fleet car and driver costs
Cost savings could be put towards other services
Location Fixed location Flexible locations - mainly homes
Growth/Popularity Declining interest and registrations of new borrowers and use over the last few years. Increasing popularity since start of service in September. Book deliveries at a growth rate of approximately 10 percent over the last 3 months.
Outreach Abilities Only for community members who can travel to the mobile library by themselves. All community members especially those in Isolated/Vulnerable groups. Book deliveries for this group increased by more than 50% within the two months since service started.
Accessibility Reported difficulty with steps, ramps and instability inside the trailer for some members of the community. Easier accessibility due to delivery right to the doorstep.
Frequency Once a week On demand. Unrestricted deliveries at this stage.
Convenience Restricted location and time Location and time flexibility
Technology Ability to borrow books via Shire Ipad in trailer onsite or from personal devices. Ability to borrow books via Shire ipad from delivery driver, personal devices (phones computers) and volunteers.
Social Interaction and Connectiveness Mobile library driver and visitors at the trailer at the same time. Delivery Driver and/or volunteers
Knowledge and Learning Self- selected book/s and library recommendations Self- selected book/s and library recommendations