Our family life continues to be busier than ever; the Mornington Peninsula Shire is continually looking for ways to make things that little bit easier.

Our library services offer books and a range of other media to provide a creative outlet in our homes. The Shire has a new ‘click and deliver’ service that gave our community access our libraries resources when our mobile library was closed during COVID.

We are reviewing our library book delivery services and seek your input to help us shape the next phase of book delivery and related services.

More than ever we need services that fit into our lives as we work, home-school, run a household, and raise our families.

We undertook the first consultation in February 2021 and the second consultation in June/July 2021.

The results of these surveys will help us understand community sentiment in relation to your library services and ensure that we are responsive to your needs, and of the community.

Comparison between 'Mobile Library' and 'Click and Deliver'

We aim to deliver a library service that is sustainable, meets community needs, and future-forward looking. To do that, we consider the factors listed in the table below for assessment.

FactorMobile LibraryClick and Deliver
Annual CostsVehicle and trailer hire, land park costs, driver and othersFleet car and driver costs
Cost savings could be put towards other services
LocationFixed locationFlexible locations - mainly homes
Outreach AbilitiesOnly for community members who can travel to the mobile library by themselvesAll community members, especially those in isolated/vulnerable groups. Book deliveries for this group increased by more than 50% within the two months since service started.
AccessibilityReported difficulty with steps, ramps and instability inside the trailer for some members of the communityEasier accessibility due to delivery right to the doorstep or porch
FrequencyOnce a weekUnlimited deliveries
ConvenienceRestricted location and timeLocation and time flexibility
TechnologyAbility to borrow books via Shire iPad in trailer onsite or from personal devicesAbility to borrow books via Shire iPad from delivery driver, personal devices (phones, computers) and volunteers.
Social Interaction and ConnectivenessMobile library driver and visitors at the trailer at the same timeDelivery driver and/or volunteers
Knowledge and LearningCommunity member self selected book/s
Community member self selected book/s and library recommendations