Mount Martha Public Golf Course Strategic Review

Mornington Peninsula Shire has engaged @Leisure planners in partnership with Wellplayed to develop a vision and a long term strategic plan for the Mount Martha Public Golf Course (MMPGC).

We will be reviewing all aspects of the site, including its role as a significant open space for the Peninsula and undertaking a detailed review of the Golf Course operations, use, management, performance and role in providing for golf in the Shire.

The plan will be informed by a detailed "Situation and background report" about its management and performance as a golf course and as a regional open space. A “Issues and Opportunities” paper and discussion will follow, assessing the future development opportunities and finally In 2021 a long term plan for the site - in line with the Council’s vision, plans and relevant legislation.

We will work with the community and key stakeholders to develop the vision and plan.

Have your say

Input from the community and stakeholders is being sought currently. We would like to know:

  • What do you value about the open space and the golf course at 275 Forest Drive, Mount Martha?
  • How could the golf course, the service its offers and the open space generally be improved?
  • What are the issues, challenges and opportunities that the strategic plan needs to address?
  • Thinking about future generations, what is your vision for this site