We value arts and culture in our community and support the development of vibrant and sustainable arts and cultural sector.

Through the Arts and Culture Plan 2024, Mornington Peninsula Shire aims to activate underutilised spaces by embedding more arts and culture in our streets. It is well acknowledged that murals can bring about a number of positive community solutions:

  • Public art and mural projects are a sustainable approach to prevent ongoing graffiti, improve amenity, proactively engage young people and inspire our community.
  • The creation of murals generates a positive impact in the local community and economy as well as provide creatives opportunities to contribute in meaningful ways through telling important stories about place.
  • Provide visual information and opportunities for connection.
  • Discouraging graffiti upon public and private property.
  • Contribute to building a sense of safety and belonging in the community.
  • Improve the management of public and shared spaces.

Climate Change Mural Project in Hastings

We’re excited to call for Expressions of Interest from qualified visual artists or art collectives to create a mural on the wall of Richies IGA in Hastings.

The mural will cover approximately 144 m2 along the Salmon Street wall of the Hastings Richies IGA and be visible from the Shire Library.

The aim of the mural is to:

  • Create a thought-provoking, impactful, colourful and vibrant mural with an overall positive theme about climate change.
  • The overall theme should focus on a future Mornington Peninsula with a resilient and adaptive community who have achieved net zero emissions.
  • Mural imagery should provide connection to the local natural environment.

The site at Hastings provides an amazing opportunity for an engaging mural to highlight the topic of climate change and how addressing climate change can create positive outcomes for our community.

It is intended the mural will be fully completed by 31 July.