Our nature strips say a lot about the neighbourhood we live in. Across the Mornington Peninsula Shire you’ll find all kinds or nature strips: from wild and rugged with indigenous vegetation and weeds to carefully manicured strips of grass.

Over the last few years our residents have let us know their nature strips are important to them and that they have the power to bring communities together.

Because our community’s love for nature strips is as strong as ours, we’ve decided it’s time to review our policies. We asked you about how you would like to use, enhance or protect the nature strip on your street.

We know it’s important to hold on to neighbourhood character and each town has its own identity and characteristic.

Nature strips are important for many reasons including safety and accessibility.

They assist in providing:

  • space for light poles, power poles, underground services and road signage
  • space for postal services to access mailboxes and utility service providers to access utilities
  • visibility for road users and pedestrians, especially at intersections and curves
  • clear access for members of the public to access footpaths, driveways and house lots from the kerb
  • space for kerbside parking of vehicles (not on nature strip) by allowing for door opening space between parked vehicles and the footpath
  • practical conditions for emptying waste bins
  • unimpeded access to fire hydrants.