We hear you when you tell us your nature strips are important to you! Your love for nature strips is as strong as ours, so we’ve decided it’s time to review our policies.

We asked you about how you would like to use, enhance or protect the nature strip on your street.

The results are in

Thank you to the 297 people who provide detailed feedback for our community consultation.

This strong community response has provided a great insight into how you feel about your streets and nature strips.

Here’s what you said:

  • 60 per cent of respondents are not happy with their current nature strip.
  • Almost all respondents would like something on their nature strip such as plants, shrubs and trees.
  • Residents want us to increase native vegetation, mitigate climate change, and be part of a biolink.
  • The idea of Shire permitted street groups is attractive but also opposed by a large minority.
  • Street groups should be supported with clear, friendly information, access to free plants and a model for working bees.
  • When we update the Nature Strip Policy, more footpaths are needed.
  • When we update the Street Tree Policy, we need to manage existing trees better and use more indigenous vegetation.

Next steps

We’re moving forward with the review of the Nature Strip Policy and the Street Tree Policy and will be presenting both Draft Policies to Council by March 2023.

We aim to put these drafts on Public Exhibition for you to Have Your Say on by April 2023.

If you want to be kept in the loop with what’s happening, please follow this page for updates. Simply click on the yellow box at the top of this page in add your details.

Nature strips are important for many reasons including safety and accessibility.

They assist in providing:

  • space for light poles, power poles, underground services and road signage
  • space for postal services to access mailboxes and utility service providers to access utilities
  • visibility for road users and pedestrians, especially at intersections and curves
  • clear access for members of the public to access footpaths, driveways and house lots from the kerb
  • space for kerbside parking of vehicles (not on nature strip) by allowing for door opening space between parked vehicles and the footpath
  • practical conditions for emptying waste bins
  • unimpeded access to fire hydrants.