We’re all impacted by the availability and location of parking on the Peninsula. Council is working with the community to plan how parking will be provided across Hastings, Mornington and Rosebud in the future.

Work is underway to understand and improve how current parking arrangements are working for residents, businesses, workers and visitors. This process involves developing three new Parking Precinct Plans. The Plans answer the ‘why’, ‘where’ and ‘how’ of providing and managing parking in main trading and business areas of Hastings, Mornington and Rosebud. They also map out how we will address existing parking issues and plan for future changes to each township.

Stakeholder Reference Groups

To ensure the reference group provides a balanced representation of the community, selection is based on:

  • Good local knowledge and understanding of parking in the activity centre
  • Community representatives who reflect a diversity of views, age, gender and location
  • Ability to commit to the four meetings and positively contribute.

To make sure the Plans represent the core needs of the community, Council has set up Stakeholder Reference Groups made up of residents, businesses and other stakeholders. Members of the Groups took part in workshops to provide feedback on the most pressing concerns and explore the best outcomes for parking in their local area.

There is one Group for each township involved in the project.