If you’ve ever had an opinion about picnic tables, now is the time to share it!

As part of our recently adopted Universal Design Policy we’re inviting feedback on what you think needs to be done to improve our standard picnic table.

Universal design is about making products, environments, programs, and services equally accessible and usable for everyone. One item receiving a lot of complaints is the humble picnic table, so we’re interested to know how we can make them better for you and/or your family and friends.

We have about 2,800 picnic tables across our Peninsula and each table lasts up to 20 years so it’s important they’re usable for all our community.

Have your say

Pick apart our picnic tables and tell us your ideas for better design or problems you might have with our existing ones. Think about using local suppliers and keeping to a cost-effective budget.

Upload photos of your favourite picnic tables and let’s make these something to be enjoyed by everyone.