What we are asking

Funding for rail electrification from Frankston to Hastings:

  • Stage 1 – an electrified double track from Frankston to Langwarrin (including park and ride and bus interchange).
  • Stage 2 – the line extended from Langwarrin to Hastings.

A better service on the current Stony Point line:

An increase in the diesel service frequency to at least every 20 minutes peak and every 40 minutes off peak.

  • Immediate improvements to public transport services for Hastings and surrounds.

What makes this unique

An incredible 82% of the Peninsula is not serviced by public transport.

Inadequate or non-existent public transport is stopping our community from accessing employment and educational opportunities, as well as crucial health and social services.

We have significant levels of social disadvantage, which are compounded by lack of adequate public transport.

Given the importance of frequent and reliable public transport to employment, healthcare and education, there is an immediate need to improve transport options for residents, businesses and visitors.

Improved rail access will provide clear benefits to our community:

  • a reduction in car dependency
  • better connectivity and access to jobs, education, services and amenity
  • improved connectivity for those with restricted mobility.

Public transport emerged as a clear priority for our community through the Community Vision engagement process.

Across the Peninsula there are pockets of significant disadvantage:

  • Residents of six towns on the Mornington Peninsula suffer housing stress higher than the Australian average, 33% of Peninsula residents suffer rental stress.
  • Our median weekly household income is $1,276, much less than Greater Melbourne’s of $1,542.
  • 16% of our young people leave school early and 36% of our residents are disengaged with work or education, compared to 27% of Greater Melbourne.

Improving public transport between our townships will tackle disadvantage directly, by unlocking employment, health and educational opportunities

Rail electrification to Langwarrin and Hastings is identified as a priority initiative within Infrastructure Australia’s Infrastructure Priority List (February 2021) and our Better Buses advocacy campaign.

Plan Melbourne identifies Hastings as a Major Activity Centre and the Port of Hastings Industrial Precinct as being of state-significance.

As a focal point for services, employment, housing, public transport and social interaction, Hastings — currently connected to the Stony Point diesel service — is a far more appropriate destination for electric rail than Baxter.

Hastings has significant capacity for population increase and industrial growth, with ready access to the services and facilities needed to cater for growth.

Hastings railway station has ample land to accommodate stabling and maintenance facilities.

There is support from key groups including the Committee for Greater Frankston, Committee for Mornington Peninsula, Port of Hastings, Township resident associations, Chambers of Commerce, the Department of Transport and Public Transport Victoria.

Theme 3: A flourishing, healthy and connected community – extending electrified rail would connect the Peninsula to metro services. Integrating with a transport hub would make public transport more reliable and reduce car dependency.