What we are asking

  • Investment in Rosebud Hospital to reduce community wait time for treatment and improve patient outcomes
  • A modern hospital with more specialist services to delivery community healthcare needs closer to home
  • Extension of the Frankston medical and education precinct to Rosebud

What makes this unique

Forty-five minutes to travel to Frankston hospital for acute and emergency care puts peoples lives at risk if they can’t receive care when urgently needed. Our community often have to travel all the way to Melbourne for specialist care.

  • Rosebud hospital was built more than 50 years ago
  • The Peninsula's population has grown significantly over that time
  • The hospital also has the additional pressure of over 8.5 million visitors throughout the year
  • A Medical Research and Education precinct could bring a range of services together, including the hospital, health and aged care and extension of research linked to Monash University

A redeveloped hospital would mean more specialist services and greater capacity for acute and emergency care closer to home. Healthcare is an essential service and up to date infrastructure is crucial for our community well-being. Upgrades would include:

  • A new and expanded emergency and imaging department
  • Capacity for two new operating theatres
  • New teaching and training precinct
  • Specialist outpatient spaces
  • New inpatient wards
  • Contemporary medical services for chemotherapy, dialysis and infusion
  • Space for expansion as demand grows

A redeveloped Rosebud Hospital could extend Frankston’s medical and education precinct to Rosebud, providing local opportunities for medical research, training, employment and specialist services to meet the needs of the Peninsula community.

Upgrades to Rosebud Hospital would benefit the local community:

  • More services closer to home
  • Reduced wait times for treatment
  • Less need to travel to Frankston or Melbourne for care
  • Jobs for residents and local businesses in a diversified economy
  • Modern facilities for patients and healthcare workers
  • Improved patient health outcomes

A redeveloped hospital would allow us to attract the best healthcare professionals to the Peninsula. It would also provide the opportunity to bring a range of services together including aged care, education and research. Existing services such as Monash University and Chisholm TAFE could be better connected to Rosebud hospital

Medical precincts are a priority for the Victorian Government and included within the $2 billion Breakthrough Victoria Fund, which will bridge the gap between discovery and commercialisation and mobilise innovation in key areas such as health and life sciences, supporting diversification of the local economy. Funding for medical precincts has already been allocated to Berwick, Frankston, Footscray and Shepparton.

Our Council and Wellbeing Plan 2021 – 2025, which reflects the goals and aspirations of our Community Vision, identifies innovation and diversifying our economy as key priorities.

Strategic theme 2 calls for a robust, innovative and diverse economy

  • Action 2.1.2 is to advocate for additional training and education services and centres of excellence.

Strategic theme 3 calls for a flourishing, healthy and connected community

  • Action 3.3.6 is to advocate for more local services to meet current and future community need.