In the lead-up to the 2022 Victorian election, we advocated to local candidates and government departments on the top 10 issues and projects we believed would have the biggest impact on the Peninsula community.

Our community has voted and we have three new local members for the electorates of Hastings, Mornington and Nepean. But this is certainly not the end for Council’s advocacy. We will continue to work together with your elected representatives and across our external advocacy networks to pursue funding for our priorities.

You will continue to be an important part of our campaign - we rely on residents, community groups and businesses to add their voices to ours to ensure our message keeps getting through.

You can email, call or speak in-person with your representatives when they are in your neighbourhood. Let’s continue our efforts to shout out for the Peninsula.

Our report card shows which of the 10 priorities your local representatives support.

Priority Projects

  • Coastal Management

    Help us better manage our coastline, build resilience to climate change and ensure our community can continue to enjoy our beaches and piers.

  • Homelessness

    Urgent investment in social and affordable housing, support for local homeless services and reform of the homeless service system.

  • Peninsula Trail

    We are working towards fixing the missing links making Mornington Peninsula one of the world’s great cycling and walking destinations.

  • Peri-Regional

    Help us protect our Green Wedge and better support our rural businesses and populations by recognising the Mornington Peninsula Shire as a Peri-Regional area.

  • Public Transport

    The Mornington Peninsula has the second lowest provision of public transport per person in metropolitan Melbourne.

  • Recycled Water

    Help the Mornington Peninsula secure a high-quality alternative water supply for agriculture and other uses through recycled water supply infrastructure upgrades.

  • Road Safety

    Pedestrian, cyclist, road and intersection improvements.

Community Election Forums

Candidates running for the Victorian seats of Hastings, Nepean and Mornington were in a contest of ideas at popular election forums in the weeks leading up to the election. Recordings of each are available – Council-run forums for Nepean and Mornington, and the Hastings session coordinated by the Metropolitan Transport Forum.