Since 2004, community sport on the Mornington Peninsula has significantly evolved and changed.

We are seeing strong growth in junior and women's sport participation, as well as an increasing need to create equity and inclusion to ensure our sports facilities are accessible to all in our community.

To understand and meet the changing needs of our sports clubs, last year we worked with them to hear what aspects can be improved to set a high standard of sports club management on the Peninsula.

As such, we’ve updated our Sports Club Management Policy to guide how we manage our sports and recreation groups and how we’ll be prioritising aspects like gender equity, accessibility for all and fair and equitable club fees.

We are now wanting your feedback on this draft Policy. Your thoughts can help shape sports on the Peninsula for future generations.

How will Club fees and charges be calculated?

A fee per sportsground according to classification (A, B or C) and usage (Level 1, 2 and 3) will apply based on recovering a set percentage of maintenance costs.

Sportsgrounds are classified based on a set of criteria for size, turf (dominant species), playing surface, irrigation, drainage, sports field fencing, sports lights (excluding cricket) and wicket size (cricket only).

To achieve a more equitable fee structure and recognising that a higher level of usage results in a higher level of maintenance needed, a usage component will be applied to sportsground fees, based on number of hours per sportsground per week:

  • Level One – less than 15 hours
  • Level Two – 15 hours up to 26 hours
  • Level Three – more than 26 hours.

How do Clubs apply for discounts?

Incentive-based discounts are available to clubs who meet the eligibility criteria on page 7 of the draft Policy. They can submit a claim up to the maximum specified percentage off the total actual seasonal or annual fee amount.

Evidence for incentive-based discounts from the previous year must be provided with the seasonal or annual allocation application. The discount will be deducted from the following season / year’s Pavilion and Sportsground / Court Fees.

When will the new fees and charges structure come into effect?

Once the draft Sports Club Management Policy is adopted, , Shire Officers will begin running fees and charges workshops and information sessions to ensure Club representatives are well informed and comfortable with the new fee model.

Why is access to pre-season grounds limited?

Priority of use is given to in-season clubs who hold a licence agreement. The Shire will endeavour to provide access to sportsgrounds, courts and practice facilities for pre-season training and practice matches, however access is not guaranteed and will be subject to maintenance, installation and removal of cricket pitch covers and / or goal posts, ground condition, weather, current projects and finals training and matches for in-season sports.

How is the written down value of Pavilions decided?

Each year, the Shire completes an assessment of all pavilions, and enters this information into an asset management system. As part of the Licencing process, the Shire will ensure all pavilion data is reviewed annually to ensure an accurate pavilion fee is charged.

The sport pavilion fee will be based on a % of pavilion written down value. A higher quality and standard pavilion will incur a higher fee, while a lower quality and standard pavilion will incur a lower fee.

Can our Club host finals?

Final's locations are planned for and finalised by Leagues.

Allocations for finals are not included in a Club’s Seasonal allocation, however access for training requirements will be available.

Finals matches to be played at any of the Shire’s sport facilities must be applied for by the tenant club, association or league directly to Community Sport Development. This assists the Shire in preparing the sportsground as well as for maintenance and preparation for the next season.

The hosting of finals matches is subject to the following conditions:

  1. Clubs must have signed and returned their Licence and not have breached any of the conditions of use during the allocation period.
  2. Clubs must have no outstanding debts to to the Shire.
  3. Clubs must meet all of the Shire’s event requirements.
  4. Ground condition suitability closer to finals dates, as deemed by the Shire’s Parks & Roadside Team.

Can Clubs sublet their sports facilities to other groups?

The Shire encourages sharing and multi-use of its sport facilities. However, tenant clubs are not allowed to sub-let or permit any other group or persons to use or occupy any area of the sports facility including the sportsground, court, pavilion or social room allocated to the club.

All enquiries received by the tenant club for use of the sports facility, including from schools, private sporting academies, clubs, businesses, community groups or for private functions including for all funerals, must be referred on to the Shire.

Sports clubs may also apply for casual use of sportsgrounds and courts, for access to sport facilities outside of their licence times. Casual users must submit an application through Book a Sportsground, and must agree to and abide by the Conditions of Use including evidence of a minimum $20 million Public Liability Insurance.