We have reviewed and updated the Peninsula's wastewater management policy. We want to know what you think.

Who will this impact?

We have made changes for home and business owners. There are proposed changes for short stay accommodation, health and food businesses.

Changes will also impact the building and construction industry and septic maintenance providers.


We are holding industry workshops and events to provide information and to gain feedback.

Download: Wastewater Management Policy Draft

Wastewater Management Plan changes

Below are some of the policy changes. For a comprehensive list please download a copy of the Wastewater Management Plan draft.

  • Updated to include legislation changes and Environment Protection Act obligations
  • Updated design and installation guidelines based on expert advice
  • Encouraging consideration of land suitability prior to construction of wastewater system

  • Requirement for short stay accommodation, health and food businesses to connect to sewer where available ahead of their next registration
  • Encouragement of connection to sewer for residents where sewer is available
  • Development of a compliance strategy
  • Development of accreditation system for service agents and pump out contractors and land capability assessors

Topics for comments and feedback

We hope to get feedback from Peninsula residents, industry groups and land care/volunteer groups . Some topics for comment include:

  • barriers preventing regular maintenance of septic systems
  • ability for businesses and property owners to connect to mains sewer
  • financial assistance available to repair failing wastewater systems and connecting to mains sewer
  • awareness of septic systems during change of ownership
  • development of a transparent and consistent compliance strategy for failing septic systems
  • guidelines on the installation requirements for septic systems on small sites and clay soil (industry)
  • contractors and service agents providing maintenance records to council (industry)
  • sampling of waterways to detect contamination from wastewater (land care/volunteer groups)